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Leasing & Renting in Marbella


You can only use "leasing" to acquire goods affected by economic activities. That is, on behalf of companies or freelancers. It is a formula based on the “financial lease”, which becomes a rental with option to purchase at the end of the contract term, usually between 24 and 72 months. After this period, the owner has the option of acquiring the vehicle in property paying the residual value stipulated in the contract, extending the contract with new monthly installments or changing the vehicle through a new contract.

Leasing can only be offered to companies or freelancers.

Companies and freelancers can finance 100% of the car, without paying entry, but the main advantage of "leasing" is its favorable tax treatment in Corporate Tax or Personal Income Tax.



"Renting" is mostly applied to vehicles and other goods of great value, such as the rental of photocopiers or industrial machinery. It is a long-term rental, usually between one and five years, with monthly fees that include not only the use of the good, but also all related expenses. In the case of cars: registration and circulation taxes, all-risk insurance, comprehensive maintenance service, repairs, tire changes, travel assistance ...

Both companies and individuals can hold a renting contract.

Unlike leasing, there is no purchase option at the end of the contract so the owner can enjoy the vehicle, but never becomes the owner of it. At the end of the stipulated period, the good must be returned or the contract renewed with a new product. It is a formula designed for those people and companies that want to enjoy, for example, always new cars without worrying about repairs, taxes and insurance.