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Our main Services in Marbella

Financiera Marbella is an intermediary company, which continuously watches over the best interests for our clients.

Personal Loans in Marbella

Financiera Marbella offers you a fast personal loan at low interest. Check with us your personal loan and start enjoying your money.

Marbella Business Credit

We have the best conditions for loans to companies, SMEs and entrepreneurs, who need a liquid injection to start or renew. Request your loan.

100% Mortgage Loans in Marbella

We have been solving daily different problems such as refinancing, property auctions, seizures of entities, social security, etc ... Apply for your mortgage loan today

Save Gathering Debts

We concentrate all your debts into one credit, whose monthly payment will be less than the sum of the independent credits. Tell us your case and we will respond in 24 hours.

Giving credit is giving confidence...
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Do you have an idea or want to develop a personal project? Now is the time with Financiera Marbella


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AECOSAN (Reg. Estatal de Empresas) Nº 777 / 2017 de la sección segunda

Do you need a mortgage loan in Marbella?

Mortgages at 100%
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Example of Real loan in Marbella

For example for the purchase of a motor vehicle, the reform of a home, the start of any commercial and industrial activity, etc., etc.
(Exempt credits to refinance used consumer goods, with a lot of seniority and private capital debts or when the interest rate is excessive)

For a loan of € 15,000 must be paid
48 monthly installments of € 351.94 each.
The interest rate applied will be 5.95% TIN (6.11% APR).
Total amount due from the loan: EUR 16,880.27
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