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Your 100& Mortgage in Marbella

If you are looking for a mortgage that offers you 100% of the financing, at Banco Santander we finance up to one hundred percent of your mortgage for the acquisition of foreclosed properties of the Banco Santander Group, marketed by Altamira, Casaktua and Aliseda.

This offer is valid in the following cases:


What are 100% mortgages?

100% Mortgages are a type of mortgage loans that finance the entire purchase price or appraisal value of the house you want to acquire. 100% Mortgages in Marbella are very attractive, because, in the case that they grant it to you, you do not need to have money saved to access a home.

These 100% Mortgages, which lend all the money necessary to buy a house, were easy to obtain during the years of the real estate boom and became one of the most demanded financing products. However, after the outbreak of the crisis and with the slowdown suffered by the credit and the fall in the mortgage offer, banks began to stop marketing mortgages 100% because of the risks involved for consumers and entities. In fact, 100% mortgages virtually disappeared.

However, today, with the progressive recovery of the economy and at a time when the mortgage market has taken off again (with a price war that has led to a general reduction of the spreads on the Euribor), the bank It begins to open its hand and it is usual to see 100% mortgages again in some entities, compared to a maximum financing of 80% offered by banks in recent years.

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